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So many options to consider in Krabi

So you’ve made the jump from your country to Thailand and now you’ve found yourself in The Emerald of The Andaman Krabi. But what to do? You’re looking for some adventure in their foreign land, something to write home about, some way to venture outside of the norm and make you’re own path. Freedom comes in many forms, there are a number of way to keep yourself occupied while in Krabi, theres your resort or guest house probably equipped with a  restaurant, cafe or some sort of communal area. Then theres the local beach depending on where you are this will differ but you are probably not more than 30 Kilometers from the beach in any direction as not too many dwellings are build further than this. Then there the great countryside, full of local markets, restaurants, forests and a number of other sights to take in.


Krabi is a place full of allure, still relatively undeveloped as compared with its neighbors Phuket, Koh Samui and Hat-Yai (to the south). Much of the forests in Krabi are still untouched and a number of the trees are still of primary growth. Walking on jungle trails through the countryside you can get an idea of what we are talking about that this place is still “wild”. Although the development has started it is still in it’s burgeoning stages and there will be much more room for growth in the coming years.


You coming to Krabi are looking for a change in your daily routine, you’re used to the same smells, feelings, textures of your home and want to experience another side of life right? Well you’re not going to get this from staying in your hotel or guest house, the best way to experience is to get outside and explore, see what you can find, who you can meet, what you can taste.


Time to get out and see what Krabi is made of, see what makes this place so special, away form the concrete thats most of the city and town’s are made of. Now it’s time to make your move, but which way should you go? Well there are a number of options we can discuss but the more relevant option is to take some option which you are in control of, such as motorbike or a car which you can rent or hire for the entirety of your trip in Krabi.


A car is a slightly safer option as you have a metal shield protecting you and your traveling companions and you have a safety belt to glue you to your seat. The option the put kids in the back seat is inviting as they will be comfortable and hopefully can’t get into trouble, but rules of the road are different from those of the west and it’s important to understand a few things when it comes to driving.


You should drive on the left side of the road

Please excuse bad driving, if you yell as someone for doing something crazy it never helps, in fact it can often make any situation worse

Keep to your lane and try not to swerve to much, drivers will often pass when it’s extremely unsafe and they might be trying to overtake someone and end up in your lane coming right at you, so better you keep to your lane and only pass when it’s completely safe.

Drive slow, things are always better

Try to obey speed limits even if nobody else is. There are not police which set up speed traps but it’s always a good habit to take it easy and be safe

carry your drivers license with you at all times, if you come to a road block you will be asked for it.

If you have a situation with the police, be kind, don’t yell or shout and loose control, often a 500THB fine will make any police situation go away….

Remember you’re in Thailand things are different here, just keep calm and go with the flow.


Driving in Thailand can be wonderful and exciting for your will get the chance to see so much more of the province and experience a more local side of things.


The alternative option is for you to take a motorbike for your roadside adventures. Motorbikes can be great ways to get around Thailand as they offer you endless options for places to visit, so many small roads and dirt paths not wide or safe enough for a car, the only option available is to take a motorbike down that new path. Motorbikes can also be easier in traffic as you can drive slowly past cars stuck in bumper to bumper traffic.But one of the most and probably the important reasons is that it’s simply FUN! Driving with the wind in your hair as you buzz by large overhanding palm leaves draping out over lonesome roads. Feel the flavor of the air and smell the many different flavors of the province with nothing in your way but air. Driving in Krabi can be a wonderful experience but it’s important that you keep in mind that you are driving in a foreign country the rules are similar but not identical.


  • Accidents happen typically when you are doing the following things:
  • Not looking for people tying to pass you when you are turning
  • parking
  • when weaving in and out of traffic
  • driving very fast
  • stopping too fast and then locking the brakes
  • merging into traffic and not looking both directions


Try to understand the rules are followed more loosely in Thailand and therefore you should try always to anticipate things happening which could have been avoided by good driving.


We recommend you drive out and get lost in the countryside, bring a map (provided for all rentals) and your phone and have fun! Nothing is more fun then driving on remote roads surrounded by massive karts that tower overhead, vines hanging off their peaks and draping down their sheer cliff faces. Various freshwater mineral hot spring pools, rural markets and fishing villages are only some of the many things to discover when driving in Krabi.


Driving is fun in Krabi, enjoy the ride!

Things to do in Krabi.

Krabi a place of endless possibilities; islands, jungles, beaches, markets, shopping, hot springs, and so much more. The provinces is full of activities to keep you and your family busy while in on holiday; from a private longtail journey to the local islands to a drive through rural palm forests and maybe a ATV trip through a small plantation, it’s all at your fingertips in Krabi, just get going and have fun!


Let’s get started talking about a few of the basics in Krabi.

Krabi province spreads out over 5,000 Kilometers squared so it’s a huge place. Most of Krabi’s lowland forests have been cleared to make way for palm and rubber plantations which actually support a large groups of local residents. If you can get up early in the morning and venture out into one of the rubber plantations you can sometimes catch a glimpse of some of these rubber farmers harvesting some of the sticky goo.


With Krabi being stretched out over such vast expanse there are plenty of small towns to visit and see what this province has hidden in all corners of it’s land. The main touristed areas of Ao Nang, Krabitown and Koh Lanta being the densest areas of sights to see but there are plenty of amazing places to discover just outside the well trodden paths worth exploring. Such highlights such as Khao Phanom bench national park, Wat Tham Suea and Thapom are just some of the closest areas to Ao Nang worth visiting, all can be seen in short day trips.


There are just so many possibilities in Krabi, get out and explore this vast province often dubbed the Emerald of the Andaman for it’s vast jungles and untouched forests. Most of the primary jungles are restricted to the national parks or the stark mountains you see erupting throughout the landscape.


You are coming to Krabi (or maybe are already in Krabi) and it’s important you take full advantage of your time here so plan accordingly, what do you want to do in Krabi, and how do you want to get to these places?


There are many ways to get around Krabi, I suggest you take a look at our earlier post on the many options on how to get from place to place or possibly take a look at the unseen places page (LINK) and make your plan accordingly.


There are a number of ways to get around but if you want to make the best of your time in Krabi we suggest you take a motorbike for a few days and explore what others are proclaiming “amazing, fantastic, true nature and absolute beauty”.  But plan accordingly, we have built a few simple itineraries for you to consider which are designed to make the most out of your time in this great province.


 Krabi is vast and wonderful, get out and see it for yourself.

methods of travel

You land in a foreign land, step down on the airport tarmac, take in the sights all around, take a deep breath of air and close your eyes. rolling your eyes back inside your head you mind starts to work, blips and blurbs of late night internet searches flash across your brain, cliffs, beaches, boats, Mai Thai’s being spilled at a bar, motorbikes, helmets and so much flash into your mind. It’s all there months have culminated together into this moment, you’re finally made it. Now what? You open your eyes your mind goes blank for a second, your snapped back to this new hot and humid reality, you tug down on the shoulder straps of your backpack and take your next step off the plane, you’re on your way.


Welcome to Krabi, a place of infinite opportunities, where you want to go, what you want to do, who you want to meet, there are no shortages to travel and experience in Krabi.


With a plethora of options at your fingertips it’s sometimes difficult to figure out what to do how to get around? well there are a number of options available to you when thinking of how to get around but since we have been living in Krabi for over 5 years now, we find the easiest option when traveling both near and far has been by motorbike.


The province of Krabi is vast there is just so much to see and experience here, how much time do you have to travel around the many corners of this vast province? Thats the only barometer for the level of exploration you can expect in Krabi.


Traveling in Krabi can come in many forms, bus, car, taxi, bicycle, motorbike or by the old fashioned version ‘by foot’. All have their pros and cons so we’re going to review a few of these options.


By Bus.

There are a number of locals buses that cruise the streets of Ao Nang, most of them are open back trucks with “Krabitown, Airport, Fossil Shell beach, TESCO LOTUS” Written on the side. They are actually called Song-teaw and they are a great option for getting around as they are cheap, frequent and can take you to Krabitown, all the while you have the option to meet other traveller, who knows maybe you’ll make a friend to adventure with! The only downside to the bus situation is as it always is freedom.. You are restricted to only the few stops these buses make, so if you are looking to go to one of the handful of locations they travel to then you’re in luck, but for the vast majority of us we are looking for some means to get around easier on our own.


By Car.

For families or parents traveling with kids this is the recommended method for travel in Krabi as it will offer you the safest option for your little ones. Car seats while not available at most car rental agencies can be bought at a number of local shops for around 100USD. GPS navigation is also much easier in a car, within the safety of your own vehicle you can easily glance to the dashboard to your GPS device and get a quick and easy bearing on your location immediately. The car will also offer you comfort for your belongings in great quantity as once you park somewhere you can easily leave everything you have inside your car lock the car and bingo you’re safe to travel Krabi by foot.




A great option for both long and short trips alike as taxi fares are typically rather cheap in Krabi, most taxi’s and Tuk tuk’s in Krabi will cost you between 300-400THB to get around all of Krabi, for longer distances the cost will run somewhere in the 2,500-3,500THB for Phuket and 600-700THB for a one way trip to the airport. Taxi’s and Tuk tug’s are great alternatives to getting around town as they are safe and easily although a bit more expensive if you use taxi’s and tuk tuk’s daily and also will restrict you as you might not know where to ask the taxi to take you in order to find a remote destination.



The go to method for most traveller in Krabi. Motorbikes come in all shapes and sizes from smaller engines of around 110cc, which are suitable for up to 120Kg of riders to the medium sized bikes with engines usually around 125cc, these bikes are great for single riders as well as couples whose weight does not exceed 160KG. Then up to the 150cc engines such as those in the Honda PCX or the Yamaha T-Max, both of these bikes are great comfortable and safe bikes to ride, they will be able to get you all around Krabi province and will not be very difficult to maneuver around tight areas or parking in small spaces. The 150cc bikes are when we generally recommend to most moderately experienced riders as you will feel comfortable yet confident to handle any road. There are also larger bikes available for your to rent such as chopper bikes such as Honda shadow or Kawasaki vulcan, these bikes typically start with engine sizes of 200cc and range up to 700cc but 200cc engines are plenty of power for most of your motorbike needs. These chopper bikes are great for cruising longer distances as they often have forward controls and your feet can extend forward into a more relaxed position. Many of these chopper bikes also come equipped with saddlebags for extra storage and often a backrest for the passenger. As choppers have large fuel tanks and have long ranges we recommend you take a chopper for nice grand long rides out into the rural regions of Krabi, see what you can find and have fun, just don’t forget to bring your camera. The downside to riding motorbikes is that you are vulnerable to other drivers bad driving so always please drive wearing your helmet and drive carefully.



Bicycles although not very common in Krabi are great methods for getting around, we typically recommend you are somewhat fit as Krabi gets hot and exercising in this heat requires a certain degree of fitness. For touring the region comfortably and silently on an electric bicycle we highly recommend you rent an electric bicycle from Krabi Green Bikes (06-14-94-76-44) They rent high quality electric bicycles with quite impressive ranges (most of the bikes ranges are over 20Km). The only downside to riding a bicycle is the energy output needed to get it moving, so come prepared with extra water!


By Foot.

For those looking to venture only in the direct vicinity of their hotel or residence and by the direct vicinity we’re talking about within 5 kilometers as Krabi is HOT and you will certainly feel the heat after a few kilometers. Traveling by foot can have it’s benefits though as when you are traveling by foot you get the option to see so many details of Krabi, the little things that you might miss if your whizzing by at 40 Km/Hr. So if you’re looking for a nice leisurely close to home vacation then better stay to your trusty feet



There you have it, the options for traveling around Krabi province and our pros and cons for each method.


Happy travels in Krabi.

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